Why should I take your course? I already know how to drive and make a camp.
Driving off road is not the same as driving on a street. Many people have been injured or died because they found themselves in situations that were beyond their knowledge or capabilities. When a vehicle becomes stuck; getting the vehicle unstuck can be dangerous. We will teach you safe vehicle recovery techniques using the proper equipment and procedures. If you do have to spend some unexpected time in the backcountry, we’ll show you what to do until you are rescued.

Will I have to eat bugs and sleep in the dirt?
No. The primary mission of Survive Off Road is to teach people how to safely drive off road and survive in the backcountry should that become necessary. 

Who will be teaching my course?
Unless otherwise specified, Chuck Davis is the primary instructor. Occasionally special guests provide their expertise to enhance your learning experience. 

Are the courses you teach safe?
Trekking into the backcountry is a wonderful experience, but it’s not without inherent risk. Nothing is absolutely safe and training to drive off road or survive in the backcountry isn’t either. We will provide the safest and richest learning experience possible.

How many students are in each course?
Class size is limited. Ususlly eight to ten people attend each class. This allows individual time to be given to each student.

Are toilets available?
We have a PETT toilet available for students.

Is previous experience required?
No. We teach beginners and advanced students. 

Do I have to have a four wheel drive vehicle?
Some courses require a four-wheel drive vehicle while others do not. If a four-drive vehicle is required it will be stated as such. In some cases a car or truck is all that’s needed.

Call 602-321-0833 or email ChuckDavis@surviveoffroad.com