It’s late in the afternoon, you’re exploring ruins you saw on a map in some canyon miles from town and now you’re stuck in sand. Really stuck. Your tires are buried so deep you’re resting on the axles.

What would you do? How will you get your vehicle free?

You tried to call a friend for help but you can’t get reception on your cell phone. You brought enough gear for a day trip, but now, at the very least you’re going to spend the night.

Where will you sleep? How will you stay warm as the temperature drops?

Important questions like these will be answered with the skills taught in the “Stranded” course. The points covered in the course include:

Vehicle operation and recovery
You will learn basic vehicle functions and proper operation. How to drive on sand, rocks, and mud. We’ll show you how to pick a "line" to get out; however even the best driver can become stuck. We’ll show you techniques that may extricate your vehicle.

Wilderness shelter can take many forms and serve one or more functions. You will learn how to stay dry, warm, or cool as the situation dictates. How to mitigate hypothermia and hyperthermia through the use of clothing.

Fire building
A fire provides more than just warmth, its necessary to the survivor for many reasons. You will learn the physics of fire and how to use the resources at hand to prepare, and build a fire. How to extinguish a fire and fire safety.

Survival Knife
Although using a knife is something we do almost every day in our homes, it’s used very differently in the wilderness. You will learn how to keep your knife sharp. How to use the blade in a safe and efficient manner and the type of knife needed in a survival situation.

Signaling for help
We will discuss different methods to signal for help, how each method is applied and what methods don’t work in a given situation.

You will learn how much water your body needs. How to identify where water might be found and methods to obtain and disinfect it.

The Survival bag
The survival bag is among the most important things you will take into the wilderness, yet few people know what it is, what it should contain, or how it’s used. We will discuss the contents in detail and what each item is used for.

The challenges of surviving in the wilderness are many and each survival scenario is different. The key to surviving is knowledge and attitude… Life favors the prepared.